El Jiniebro



Is a small property in a forest that gives name to the area where it is located; it is situated in a small valley at the foot of Puerto de Aguas Claras, which separates the property from Caserio de Jola and Portugal.

The megalithic remains in the region bear witness of distant civilizations, Roman towns, transfrontier roads and routes, old roads travelled by the smugglers who lived in these hamlets not a long time ago.

Place for silence: Area of Special Protection for Birds (ZEPA: Zona Especial de Protección de Aves). Lots of birds can be observed from the house, such as griffon vultures, falcons, short-toed eagles, golden eagles…

The rural house is in Valencia de Alcántara (Cáceres) only 1000 m from Caserio Aceña de la Borrega and 3 kilometres from the Dolmens Route (Ruta de los Dólmenes).

THE PROPERTY “EL JINIEBRO”, which gives name to the area where it still stands, was a farm (wheat, rye, chickpea) until the 50s and after that, it was reforested with Pino Pinaster
The part of the property bounded by Alcorneo Road is called “El Llano del Anta” and this name suggests that there must have been some dolmens in such plain.
ACCOMMODATION: 6 fully equipped houses endowed with swimming pool, barbecue, parking and a spacious garden.
LA CASA, a rural accommodation today, was originally a farmer’s house typical from the area of Valencia de Alcántara.
It was built more than 250 years ago in clay and slate. It has been renovated and it preserves today the original structure of both the inside and outside of the house.