Staying at the Jiniebro is to visit beautiful places in the Alentejo … Caceres Extremadura Raya, Albuquerque, Alcantara, Portugal (Castelo da Vide Marvao and) the countryside with their villages: El Pino, The Casinas, The Fontañera, San Pedro, The Lanchuelas, Las Huertas, La Aceña, Jola, Alcorneo … Village of Los Gallegos shopping place in Portugal at the time of smuggling where you can still buy towels, wine, linens and more varied goods.

THE RURAL TOURISM Jiniebro is located in a natural environment of high ecological value, in the foothills of the Sierra de San Pedro, declared a special protection area for birds and nature parks along the Serra de Sao Mamede (Portugal), and International Tajo. It has a microclimate that makes this region an ideal place to relax.

Culturally, the biggest attraction is undoubtedly the Megalithic, there being more than a hundred dolmens and other prehistoric remains in this part of the Alentejo Extremeño Raya. We can not ignore the Roman and early Christian and the Jewish excellent Gothic Quarter of Valencia de Alcantara where you can visit the Synagogue and a beautiful Church of Our Lady of Rocamador.

GASTRONOMY, lamb stew, the fry and sausages as the Death Cap, the cominera, the patatera, the bread basket, not forgetting, of sausages. In terms of sweets, Easter bun, which once gave the Godmother on Easter Sunday and is now consumed throughout the year. The restaurants are numerous in the area and acceptable prices.

Among the interesting activities in the area, mainly be hiking with many marked routes such as the dolmens, the Mill of the Black, the routes in the Sierra de San Pedro commonwealth or transfrontier. Also enjoy the ornithological tourism, horse riding, play golf, enjoy the natural pools of Portugal, fishing, big and small. If you want to combine well, teaching English or Spanish with the enjoyment of the environment and nature. Find out more at:

The bellowing: In September and October you can enjoy our guided tours MP4, specially designed for our visitors to discover and experience the sounds of the Mediterranean forest.

The Rural Housing Reception Jiniebro is located poolside. It can find books, guides, brochures, books on birds, hiking trails, guided tours, holidays and hours of stores in Spain and Portugal. There are magazines, Internet access for customers, network and wireless, laundry, ironing, etc.. They may also seek advice for your visitors: where to eat, where to shop, to visit … Agree with the staff’s time to leave our accommodation as well as all those contingencies that could surgir.Si not have mobile coverage, you can also use this for emergency service.